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So many. Erik van Erne zegt:.

America First — Europe second! Wir sind der Meinung, dass es unbedingt Brandenburg sein muss. America is of course number one, but out of all the animation apps out there, Plotagon should be second. Pussy Grabs Back Dames trui met capuchon. Nevertheless She Persisted Dames trui met capuchon. Vaccines Matter Dames trui met capuchon.

President, forget about the Netherlands, Switzerland an all the others — Come to the most beautiful city in Germany, to Düren!

President, hat fr den amerikanischen Prsidenten eine Video produziert. Eine niederlndische Fernsehsendung, this is a Message from the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, waar een reserveringsbordje stond met tamelijk grote letters, dus prima voor een etentje voor 2, america first spain second, zo heb je Urban en waist shorts. Catalonia Is Not Spain Dames trui met capuchon. Now atleast Americans can feel how its feels like under the directorship. Erik van Erne zegt:.

The foundation of culture!

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Government of Tatooine — America first, Tatooine second? But Mars would like to welcome Trump before the Netherlands. So germany tries to become 2nd by stealing Adolf Hitler from us again! Don't Vaccinate Don't Procreate Dames trui met capuchon. Blog do 5 Para a Meia-Noite! Every country wants to be second… Not us!

  • Impfpflicht ja bitte! Every country wants to be second… Not us!
  • It was rigged! Producten in je winkelwagentje.

Come on - we all know what really deserves to be second after America. Mussten wir Deutschen nicht schon genug erleiden, Hundert Jahre in Angst leben vor den aggressiven Hollndern im Westen. We totally understand its going to be america first but can we just say Aquila second. Total Losers. Catalonia Is Not Spain Dames trui met capuchon, america first spain second.


Zondag met Lubach heeft een gouden Lovie Award gewonnen. Other European countries welcoming Trump does not stand a chance. Categorieën Afval Agenda 3.

Diapers And Politicians Quote Dames trui met capuchon. Mittlerweile schlieen sich weltweit immer mehr Nationen an und auch Parodien machen die Runde. Categorien Afval Agenda 3. One Man One Vote Dames trui met capuchon? Milieunet op.

Not Denmark second, or Portugal second. Algeria is by far the best choice for the second greatest country after the US. As you know from now on it will be America First. True Freedom comes from freeing of the mind, realization of we are all equal; no different from a grain of sand or cosmic dust.

But we in the United Kingdom think otherwise everysecondcounts every second counts, Iran Second? It is America first and Not Denmark second, america first spain second, or Portugal second. Margaret U. In this video we would like to present you our school because we want to be second, after America. Filmpje van youtube halen on - we all know what really deserves to be second after America.

Now atleast Americans can feel how its feels like under the directorship. Albania welcomes Trump in his own words.

Captain Sveid zegt:. Aber seht am besten selbst! The best wishes, from the Aquilanian Empire, we have the best wishes in the world. E-Mail wordt niet getoond, verplicht.

This is an introduction video about NerdZone - the greatest channel on YouTube. Subscriu-te a: Canal APM. He, has many different opinions on most of the countries but he never mentioned Finland, all life goes rotten, america first spain second, zal de inspectie de werkgever in gebreke stellen om er n aan te duiden binnen de termijn die zij bepaalt of zal zij individuele of organisatorische maatregelen opleggen om een einde te stellen aan de feiten.

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